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Boxes & Boards

We carry quarter sheet, half sheet, and full sheet cake boxes and boards. We also have boxes in sizes from 4” to 16” with just about every size in between! Now in stock: pink cake boxes in various sizes. Are you making pies, cookies, cakes? We’ve got boxes for those too!

Quarter Sheet Boxes/Boards

10x14x4 box- $0.99 ea.

10x14x4 window box- $1.49 ea.

10x14 board- $0.65 ea.

10x14 silver/gold covered board- $1.39 ea.

Need a little more room? We have 11x15 boards & boxes too!

11x15 box- $1.19 ea.

11x15 board- $0.89 ec



Half Sheet Boxes/Boards

19x14x4 box- $1.59 ea.

19x14x4 window box- $2.19 ea.

19x14 board- $1.09 ea.

½ tray- $2.09 ea.

Need a little more room? We have 20x14 boards & boxes too!

20x14 box- $1.99 ea.

20x14 board- $1.59 ea.

(The 20x14 board is also double walled if you need more strength)

Full Sheet Boxes/Boards

Full Sheet tray- $2.49 ea.

Full sheet lid- $1.39 ea

Full Sheet board- $2.09 ea.

Double wall full sheet board-  $2.89 ea.

Silver/gold covered board- $3.99 each

Pink Cake Boxes

12x12x5- $1.69 ea.

14x14x5- $2.09 ea.

20x14x4 (½  sheet)- $2.99 ea.

7x5x3 bakery box- $0.39 ea.

10x14x4 (¼ sheet)- $1.19 ea.

10x10x3- $0.89 ea.


Bakery Boxes

(Great for Cookies/Treats)

10.75x6.75x3.5- $0.69 ea.

8x4x4- (holds 2 cupcakes)- $0.49 ea.

8x5.5x3- $0.39 ea.

6x6x3- $0.35 ea.

5.5x4x3- $0.29 ea.

White Cake Boxes

6x6x4- $0.35 ea.

7x7x4- $0.39 ea.

8x8x5- $0.69 ea.

9x9x5- $0.79 ea.

10x10x4- $0.69 ea.

10x10x5- $0.89 ea.

10x10x6- $0.99 ea.

10x10x5 Window- $1.29 ea.

12x12x5- $1.09 ea.

12x12x6- $1.19 ea.

14x14x6- $1.49

16x16x5- $1.99 ea.


Pie Boxes

8x8x3- $0.37 ea.

9x9x2.5- $0.39 ea.

10x10x2.5- $0.49 ea.


Cookie/Pizza Boxes

12x12x2- $0.79 ea.